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    The popular
    Pizza Margherita
    Owes its name to Italy's Queen Margherita who in 1889 visited the Pizzeria Brandi in Naples.
    The Pizzaiolo on duty that day created a pizza that contained the three colours of the new Italian flag -
    the red of Tomato, the white of mozzarella and Fresh Green Basil.
    Queen Margherita's blessing could have been the start of an Italy-wide pizza craze.

    'Our pizza dough is made fresh on the premises daily using a combination of the
    finest Italian and Sicilian flour and all our toppings used are authentic Italian ingredients.'

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    Taste Sicily
    Sicilian cuisine has its own identity bursting with intense, fruity and aromatic
    flavours and offers a rich repertoire of dishes produced with Sicilian grown delicious produce.
    To have seen italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all,

    for Sicily is the clue to everything
    Goethe, Italian Journey


Meaning food in Italian, CIBO is a modern Italian Eatery and Pizzeria.
We are an independant family owned Italian restaurant with a strong Sicilian influence, The main characteristic of our cuisine is simplicity...

Our bread and pizza dough is made fresh on the premises daily using a combination of the finest Italian and Sicilian flour. In every dish that we create, we use only the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy and our fresh vegetables, seafood and meats are delivered daily by local suppliers.

All our food is made and served by a team of people who love cooking as well as eating and talking about it.
We're passionate about our wine too and offer a great selection to complement the menu.

We are open all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply just for a refreshing drink. So come on in and experience the flavours and fun of our culture: honest cooking, top quality ingredients, friendly service and of course, great Italian wines!

Appreciate the simple things in life done well?

So do we.

So much so that we decided to bring a true Italian experience to Bishops Stortford.

Cibo is a family business with a small humble `Trattoria' at heart. Real Italian food - traditional, authentic, simple & fresh!

Our menu takes inspiration from our Italian passion for simple & delicious food. We proudly offer food made to age old recipes with a modern finesse. There's something for any time or occasion - a romantic meal or family gathering, sharing with friends or having a coffee break on a busy work or shopping day.

The three main elements of Cibo are:

Italian Chefs

To allow you to experience an array of authentic traditional foods.

A Restaurant Manager

To deliver a welcoming ambience and ensure your Cibo experience is first class

A Special Barista

To serve you `perfetto' coffee, or a cocktail whilst you sit back and soak in the Italian atmosphere.

did you know?


Did you know? That over 90% of our traditional ingredients are imported straight from Italy/Sicily to our kitchen.

Chefs Specials...

Did you know? That our chefs create an ever changing weekly 'Specials Menu' which provide our customers with new culinary experiences.

Music Nights...

Did you know? That here at CIBO we feature some stunning
live artists for our music nights?
Come and join in the fun!

Pizza Dough...

Did you know? That our Pizza Dough and Bread is freshly made by our pizzaiolo every single morning?

Special Events...

Did you know? That we can cater for special events and parties? Whatever the occasion Cibo is here to make it one to remember.


Did you know? That the Cannoli is a Sicilian pastry filled with a sweet ricotta cheese. Cannoli meaning 'little tube' dates back to the 1930's.


Did you know? That we serve breakfast? Book your table now for that important meeting or just a catch up with friends.
Served 10am-12pm Monday to Sunday.


Did you know? That we can take care of your cooking tonight? Bring home a taste of Sicily, order a takeaway from us!